A quick & accurate tool for predicting the sound insulation in walls, floors and ceilings.

INSUL is a software for calculating the sound insulation of walls, floors and ceilings. Results are predicted in 1/3 octave bands and weighted values. INSUL is currently available in version v9.0 with a multi language user interface and is developed by Marshall Day Acoustics.


  • Calculation of the sound reduction index R for rigid and flexible walls, ceilings and floor structures (calculation of up to three shells)
  • Calculation of the impact sound level for ceilings
  • Calculation of rain noise (ISO 140-18)
  • Calculation of sound insulation for glazing (up to triple glazing, standard glass, laminate glass)
  • Calculation of sound insulation for sandwich panels and trapezoidal sheets
  • Calculation of sound insulation for external noise (DIN EN 12354-3)
  • Results as 1/3, octave-band and weighted ratings
  • multi-layer shell construction (several layers, different materials and material thicknesses)
  • various coupling models (wooden and steel frames, point-fixed connections, etc.)
  • Material editor (input of custom material parameters)
  • Calculation of the composite sound insulation value
  • Auralisation of the sound insulation
  • Data Export to SONarchitect ISO and Bastian
  • PDF-Export

New in version v9.0:

  • Newly designed program interface with 3D graphics
  • Calculation of floating screeds with polystyrene or mineral fibre insulation boards
  • Improved auralization, expandable user library for audio files; auralizations can now be saved
  • New connection types / frame types
  • Thermal insulation of glazing (acc. to EN 673)
  • Database with metal or wooden stands (standard sizes selectable from menu)
  • Calculation of pitched roofs
  • Better handling for large and small screens (interface elements can be customized to your needs)
  • Available for Windows and Mac OS

More information on the officiel INSUL homepage www.insul.co.nz or in the software user groups (XINGLinkedIn, Facebook).

INSUL - Demo version / 30-day license

The demo version of INSUL is available for free download. In demo mode the material selection is random.

For practical calculations, we provide a valid, time-limited software key on request, with which the full range of functions can be tested. A new download is not necessary.

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