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IRIS is a software for measurement and analysis of 3D spatial impulse responses. In addition to the evaluation of room acoustic parameters according to DIN EN ISO 3382, IRIS can be used to analyze individual reflections, their direction and sound intensity.

IRIS solo

IRIS solo is a software for measurement and analysis of room impulse responses. Unlike IRIS, IRIS solo is delivered without additional hardware and your existing sound card can be used.


A quick & accurate tool for predicting the sound insulation in walls, floors and ceilings. With extensive drop down menus to select materials, and simple choices for construction details you can quickly evaluate different constructions.


SONarchitect ISO is a tool for calculating sound insulation in buildings according to DIN EN 12354 (parts 1,2,3,4 and 6). The software enables the building acoustic analysis of complex rooms and buildings.


ZORBA calculates the sound absorption coefficients of porous absorbers with or without perforated or slotted facings.


Akustikbüro K5 GmbH develops and distributes the SketchUp Plug-In SU²CATT. This plug-in converts SketchUp models into the CATT-Acoustic *.GEO format.