Continuing education in acoustics

We regularly give lectures on our specialist topics in the fields of room and building acoustics, noise protection and acoustic irradiation and organise further training events.

We also offer tailor-made training courses and practical workshops for the software packages we sell and for CATT-Acoustic / TUCT. We are happy to conduct these at our premises or on request at your premises. We can arrange the time scope and the depth of detail according to your wishes; we are happy to share our experiences from everyday consulting with you.

We offer knowledge transfer on the following topics:

  • Basics of acoustics, sound propagation, absorption, reflection, scattering
  • Room acoustic requirements and recommendations according to DIN 18041, ASR A3.7, VDI 2569, etc.
  • Structural soundproofing: requirements under building regulations and civil law according to DIN 4109 ("Noise protection in building construction"), VDI 4100, DEGA-Memorandum 103 (Noise protection certificate); Supplement 2 to DIN 4109:1989-11; increased soundproofing in residential construction
  • Sound proof according to DIN EN 12354 ("Calculation of the acoustic properties of buildings from the component properties")
  • Basics of speech intelligibility according to DIN EN 60268-16, STI and STIPA measurements
  • Planning of voice alarm systems according to DIN 14675-1 / DIN VDE 0833-4 as well as DIN EN 50849, ISO 7240-19 and NFPA 72
  • Function, programming and application of DSP-controlled sound lines
  • Sound reinforcement planning in practice; ceiling loudspeakers, sound lines, DSP-controlled sound lines ("beamsteering")
  • Measurement of sound reinforcement systems for optimum speech intelligibility; programming of filters and delays
  • Noise protection: normative principles and regulations; TA Lärm, 18th BImSchV (sports facilities), AVwV Baulärm, 16th BImSchV (traffic noise), leisure noise directive, DIN 45680 (low-frequency noise), music noise at events, discos, restaurants
  • User trainings for IRIS, CATT-Acoustic and model making with SU2CATT, SONarchitect ISO, INSUL, ZORBA

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