On Wednesday, May 3, 2017 from 9:45 am we invite you to the Forum “Voice Alerting & Acoustics” in Berlin.

The focus of the event is on the standard-compliant design of speech alarm systems (SAA) – even in acoustically demanding rooms. Various design  approaches will be presented to ensure compliance with the minimum values for the speech transmission index.

The event is organized by us in cooperation with the engineering office KLW Berlin and the management consultancy Wenzel. Dr. Menzel will examine the building regulations side from the point of view of the testing engineer, Mr. Wenzel will inform about the certification for SAA according to DIN 14675.

After the presentations, the speakers will be happy to talk to you over a cup of coffee.

In a short practical workshop we will show you how to measure the speech transmission index STI according to the STIPA method.

The event is free of charge, registration deadline is 26.4.2017.