Software for calculation of building acoustic properties

SONarchitect ISO is a software for calculating the building acoustic properties of buildings from the component properties according to the calculation methods of DIN EN 12354, Parts 1,2,3,4 and 6. The software enables the building acoustic analysis of irregular room shapes and entire buildings.

SONarchitect ISO enables the calculation of airborne and impact sound insulation within buildings (DIN EN 12354-1 and -2), airborne sound insulation against external noise (DIN EN 12354-3), sound transmission from rooms to the outside (DIN EN 12354-4) and the calculation of sound absorption in rooms (DIN EN 12354-6). The internal database is constantly being expanded, currently more than 1200 structure desings are in the database.

All calculations are carried out within a 3D model. The results are evaluated in detail, documented highly efficiently and can also be auralized.


  • Calculation of the airborne and impact sound insulation of all room combinations of adjacent rooms
  • Material database with over 1200 structure designs
  • external material database Simmons Nordic Database provided by Norsonic
  • Calculation of all parameters according to DIN EN ISO 140 (R, R', Dn, DnT, L'n, L'nT, LAeq, etc.)
  • Calculation of the spectrum matching values C and Ctr (C50-3150, Ctr100-5000, etc.)
  • Detailed presentation of the results (for all constructions and all transfer paths) in a result tree
  • Binaural 3D auralization (HRTF's and various audio signals are stored, own WAV files can be read in)
  • Material-Editor
  • DXF-Import
  • Import from INSUL constructions
  • Report generator (PDF output)

Further information can be found on the official software homepage or in the software user groups (XING).

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