Measurement and consulting on the acoustic quality of your room

We support you in defining target values and treatment to achieve good audibility in your rooms. Our engineers will advise you on the design of projects of any kind.

We will design classrooms and meeting rooms, offices, event and concert halls, museums, multi-purpose halls, sacred rooms, railway stations and airports.

We have extensive experience with computer-aided acoustic prediction and auralisation (making audible) and use these techniques to optimise your room.

We carry out measurements of room acoustic quality criteria according to DIN EN ISO 3382 (parts 1 to 3) and advise manufacturers on optimizing the acoustic properties of their products.

Our services

  • Room acoustic consulting and design in accordance with DIN 18041, VDI 2569, the German "Technical Rules for Working Sites", DGNB Manual and BNB Criteria Profile, including the provision of expert opinions
  • Consultation and design of rooms according to DIN 18040 (e.g. in the context of the redevelopment of classrooms)
  • Measurement of room acoustic parameters in performance rooms (DIN EN ISO 3382-1), ordinary rooms (DIN EN ISO 3382-2) and offices (DIN EN ISO 3382-3)
  • Support for product development of absorbers, reflectors and diffusers
  • Measurement of sound absorption coefficient according to DIN EN ISO 354 or DIN EN ISO 10534 (parts 1 and 2) and evaluation according to DIN EN ISO 11654
  • Computer-aided sound field prediction and auralization (making audible)
  • and much more

Our Projects

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