Noise protection consulting, planning and quality control according to DIN 4109-4

Our engineers in the field of building acoustics will advise you on all questions of internal sound insulation as well as sound insulation against external noise.

This includes the preparation of soundproofing certificates, court reports and advice on airborne or impact sound insulation of building components and noise from technical building installations.

As a DAkkS-accredited quality inspection body, we take over all sound tests for you in accordance with DIN 4109-4.

Our services

  • Acoustic quality testing in construction according to DIN 4109-4
  • Metrological determination of airborne sound insulation (DIN EN ISO 16283-1)
  • Measurement of impact sound insulation (DIN EN ISO 16283-2)
  • Measurement of facade sound insulation (DIN EN ISO 16283-3)
  • Measurement of sound pressure levels of building services installations (DIN 4109-4 / DIN EN ISO 10052)
  • Sound insulation consulting and planning for residential and office buildings, event venues, hotels and accommodation facilities, hospitals and sanatoria, restaurants, schools and training facilities as well as their construction supervision
  • Determination of the relevant external noise level of road, rail, aircraft and industrial noise according to DIN 4109
  • Reimbursement of sound insulation certificates in accordance with DIN 4109, DGNB manual and BNB criteria profile
  • and much more

Our Projects

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