Kunde: Ambion GmbH

Service: Measurement of room acoustic parameters according to DIN EN ISO 3382-3, sound field simulation, calculation of room and electroacoustic parameters (reverberation time, speech transmission index), consulting on room acoustic measures.

Year: 2020

Ambion GmbH is the technical service provider for the “Axica” meeting and conference centre at Pariser Platz in Berlin. Speech events are regularly held in the “Forum” conference room; according to the client, the landlord and the users frequently complain about poor speech intelligibility.

Technical possibilities to improve speech intelligibility, e.g. by using line radiators, have already been implemented by the client and judged to be insufficient, so that room acoustic measures are to be worked out to improve speech intelligibility.

The room is partly equipped with a barrel-shaped glass roof and art objects hanging from it; thus, these room surfaces were not available for the installation of room acoustic measures.

Despite these challenges, we have worked with the client to come up with a satisfactory solution to improve speech intelligibility. The implementation is currently still pending.