Customer: Erzbischöfliches Ordinariat Berlin

Architect: Krieger + Mielke Architekten

Services: Room acoustic design, turnkey public address system

Our company was commissioned with the room and building acoustics consulting and planning of the sports hall and the adjacent classrooms. In addition to the internal sound insulation, the sound insulation against external noise had to be proven and the impact sound insulation of the sports floor had to be metrologically examined on a reference object.

A multifunctional loudspeaker system was also desired for the hall. The system is used for teaching purposes as well as for events and film presentations. The hall is also divisible and both halves can be used independently of each other.

The system can be operated for either half as well as for events by teachers, qualified staff is not necessary. When the hall is open, the system can be used in two modes: sound from all corners or from the stage only for cinema and events.