Client: Mustafa Sultan Enterprises

Services: Planning, programming and acceptance measurements of the voice alarm system

Period: 2011 – 2018

The old airport in Maskat / Oman was hopeless obsolete and far too small for the capacity required in the future.  The new airport is designed for a capacity of 20 million passengers per year and was opened in 2018.

From an acoustic point of view, the voice alarm system was an The special challenge: the specification for the airport saw a average speech intelligibility index (STI) of 0.60, which is significantly higher than the the normatively required minimum value of STI = 0.50 in accordance with ISO 7240-19.

The Planning office Cowi-Larsen has laid the necessary foundations for this and, together with the architect, planned sophisticated room acoustics.

The required STI mean value (measured in accordance with EN 60268-16:2012-05) of 0.60 could be achieved in almost all parts of the building will be. 

Thus the speech intelligibility does not only correspond to the regulatory requirements, but also subjectively high demands.  At the same time, the good room acoustics ensure low background noise levels and the Stay in the building as a passenger comparatively pleasant.

The result is more than satisfactory, the airport is takes from our point of view an acoustical top position among international airports.