Client: Berlin Cathedral

Services: Planning, installation and programming of sound reinforcement systems

Period: 2014

In the Berlin Cathedral, the sound system before the overhaul was completely obsolete.  The control system was not up to date with the technology, and the Cathedral has provided better surveillance and Control options desired.

The Akustikbüro K5 GmbH (at that time still Akustikbüro Rahe-Kraft) GmbH) was commissioned to completely overhaul the plant.

As part of the revision, a completely new control system was developed and signal distribution, as well as new wireless microphones with a digital Signal transmission installed. The system was completely networked to provide a remote monitoring of the system components.

The user interface now consists of a touch panel PC, whose user interface will also be adapted to the customer’s wishes in the future can.

In the year 2018 the “Kaiserempore” was equipped with new loudspeakers.

The new control system also enables the use of extensivenew functions also improve speech intelligibility andFeedback protection in the dome, which is clearly audible in daily operation.

We have been in charge of the Berlin Cathedral since 2008 until today. for all questions of acoustics and public address.