Customer: Bosch Security Systems

Services: Design, Commissioning, Verification measurements for voice alarm systems

Year: 2006, ongoing

In 2006, we received the contract to design the voice alarm system for what is now Terminal 3 and Concourse B.

The project has led to a close collaboration with Bosch Security Systems. Meanwhile, we have designed the voice alarms for almost all of the airport’s buildings:

  • Terminal 3 (Design & Commissioning)
  • Terminal 1 (Modernization)
  • Terminal 2 (Revision of existing system)
  • Concourse A (Planung & Inbetriebnahme)
  • Concourse B (Planung & Inbetriebnahme)
  • Concourse C (Revision, ongoing)
  • Concourse D (Design & commissioning)
  • DWC / Terminal in Jebel Ali (Revision, enhancements)

The design was carried out according to the requirements of both NFPA 72 and ISO 7240-19.