INSUL update v9.0.19

  • Updated illustration dimensions for Ceilings, Floors and Roofs
  • Fixed bug with resetting material lists upon Materials Editor close
  • Fixed illustration bug for plotting CompositeSteelFloor systems
  • Updated Indoor/Outdoor Calculator for improved printing of third octave band tables
  • Fixed Composite TL Calculator printing bug for single octave tables
  • Increased Indoor/Outdoor Calculator area and volume size limits
  • Improved recollection of model details for PIR and similar frame types
  • Tidied Porous tab layout to prevent overlapping lists
  • Updated display for Custom materials to show in blue font
  • New items added to INSUL Materials list
  • New items added to INSUL Floor Cover list
  • New items added to INSUL Absorption list
  • Minor amendments to printouts to better handle very long descriptions
  • Minor translation updates for German and French

Please download the latest update here.